Event Accessibility

Planning an accessible event can seem daunting at first. All Senses Go can serve as your Access Coordinator, connecting you to the best local service providers, including audio describers, sign language interpreters, real-time transcribers, and more. We can also scout locations for ADA-compliant venues and advise your marketing team on how best to reach audiences with disabilities.


Using wireless or infrared technology, our network of describers can verbally share descriptions of a film or performance with blind audience members, who tune in live through a special headset. For museum exhibits, theater, or dance performances, guests can be invited to a special pre-show “touch tour,” which includes advance description of important visual elements in the production, as well as an opportunity to handle tactile elements such as props, costumes, models, or replicas.


Work with us to add captions to your film so that audiences don’t miss any of the dialogue. For real-time transcription of words being spoken at a talk, lecture, panel discussion, or Q&A., we coordinate with CART providers who use the same technology and skills as court stenographers. CART transcription has two major benefits — deaf or hard-of-hearing audience members can follow what is being said; and at the end of the event the transcript can be saved, shared, edited, and archived!


If you would like to screen your media or film in the greater-Chicago area, we are available to help you select the right venue and to ensure that parking, entrances, washrooms, theater seating, and the stage are all wheelchair accessible. We will also coordinate with the venue’s technicians to make sure that assistive devices can be used and enjoyed by audience members with disabilities.


American Sign Language enables deaf audience members to participate fluently in your event, by offering interpretation of opening and closing statements, lectures, panel discussions, and even conversations with other guests following your event.


If you anticipate that your media or film will appeal to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other sensory and communication disorders, check with us for tips on how to make your screening relaxed and welcoming to these guests.


If your event includes programs, fliers, handouts, or booklets, we can connect you to efficient and affordable Braille producers. We can also help you to create your own Large Print versions, according to best practice guidelines.

Have Questions? Want to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you!

We work directly with your staff, board, or department to help you design strategies for organizational growth related to accessibility practices

We work directly with filmmakers and producers to ensure that captions are accurate and true to a film's intentions, meeting highest quality captioning standards

We bring the visual world of your film or video to life with concise, vivid audio descriptions for audiences who are blind or have low vision

Make it easier for educators and activists to use your film in their classroom or community, by creating engaging discussion guides, standards-aligned lesson plans, and rich resources