What We Do

We empower media producers to create accessible media, in order to ensure that as many audiences as possible can engage in the rich cultural content being shared every day.

Whether you work in filmmaking, production, media, education, or some other field, we can help you with:

We work directly with your staff, board, or department to help you design strategies for organizational growth related to accessibility practices

We work directly with filmmakers and producers to ensure that captions are accurate and true to a film's intentions, meeting highest quality captioning standards

We bring the visual world of your film or video to life with concise, vivid audio descriptions for audiences who are blind or have low vision

We serve as your Access Coordinator, connecting you to the best local service providers, including audio describers, sign language interpreters, real-time transcribers, and more

Make it easier for educators and activists to use your film in their classroom or community, by creating engaging discussion guides, standards-aligned lesson plans, and rich resources

Have Questions? Want to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you!