Workshops & Consultations

Your organization values inclusion and diversity — but you aren't quite sure how to plan for accessibility.

All Senses Go can work directly with your staff, board, or department to help you design strategies for organizational growth in this area. Learn more about the consultations and workshops that we offer below!

Individually Tailored Consultations

We can provide tailor-made consultation designed to help your organization create accessible media in-house. Work with us to strategize and meet the following needs:

  • Writing grants to include achievable accessibility goals
  • Learning best language practices for discussing and describing disability
  • Designing workflows for post-production that includes in-house captioning and description
  • Connecting to local accessibility service providers
  • Building partnerships with local disability service organizations for outreach and impact efforts
Introduction to Media Accessibility (2 hour presentation)

Learn the basics of how to impact a wider audience with captioned and described media and accessible screenings.
(For small or large groups. Ideal for organizations looking to learn more.)

  • Understanding your audience
  • Making sounds visible with captions
  • Making images audible with description
  • Planning accessible screenings and events
  • Discussion
DIY Captioning (half-day workshop)

This hands-on workshop will equip beginners with the skills necessary to caption your own short video.
(For small groups. Ideal for organizations ready to commit to accessibility.)

  • Who uses captions?
  • Captions vs Subtitles: What’s the difference?
  • The elements of quality captioning
  • DIY tools: YouTube and Premiere
  • The nitty-gritty: Caption formats
  • Tips for working with professional captions providers
Audio Description Workshop (full-day workshop)

This interactive workshop will train participants in the craft of audio description for blind audiences.
(For small groups. Ideal for organizations ready to commit to accessibility.)

  • Who uses audio description?
  • Listening and description exercises
  • The elements of quality description
  • Scripting, Recording and Mixing in Premiere
  • The nitty-gritty: Video Players with Secondary Audio Programs (SAPs)
  • Tips for working with professional description houses
Planning Your Accessible Event (half-day workshop)

This multimedia demonstration will illustrate the various factors to consider when planning for accessibility.
(For small or large groups. Ideal for organizations ready to commit to accessibility.)

  • What is universal design?
  • Venue selection and coordination
  • Services for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences
  • Services for blind and low vision audiences
  • Sensory friendly screenings
  • Marketing your accessible event
Adaptive Film-Making: Tools & Techniques for Disabled Media Artists

In development.

Disability in the Media: The Power of Portrayal

In development.

Have Questions? Want to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you!

We work directly with filmmakers and producers to ensure that captions are accurate and true to a film's intentions, meeting highest quality captioning standards

We bring the visual world of your film or video to life with concise, vivid audio descriptions for audiences who are blind or have low vision

We serve as your Access Coordinator, connecting you to the best local service providers, including audio describers, sign language interpreters, real-time transcribers, and more

Make it easier for educators and activists to use your film in their classroom or community, by creating engaging discussion guides, standards-aligned lesson plans, and rich resources