All Senses Go is looking for subcontractors!

All Senses Go is looking for subcontractors!

All Senses Go is a Chicago-based consulting group dedicated to accessibility within the media-making community. We subcontract with disabled, d/Deaf, and Neurodiverse artists to provide feedback on the accessibility of artistic programming, websites, and more. Our clients have included the Sundance Institute, International Documentary Association and other prominent media arts organizations.

We are looking to hire multiple subcontractors for gig-based work. Opportunities include: Registration and participation in a program; review of a website, piece of media, language, or communication; venue or site visit; and more. The work will always include an in-depth interview about your experiences. With demonstrated interest, the work may include speaking opportunities. We can provide anonymity upon request.

We greatly value our subcontractors’ expertise and can provide $100 minimum for each engagement, or $75 or more per hour of your time.

If you’re interested in subcontracting with us, please fill out this short question form. If you are selected, we will be in touch with next steps. Thank you!